A Better & Nobler Man, written by Sheldon Gleisser and directed by Michael Herring, is the story of Chester A. Arthur, James Garfield’s Vice President. Arthur became the 21st President of the United States, an office that he never wanted, when Charles Guiteau assassinated James Garfield in 1881. The Republican Party was deeply divided between conservatives and reformers and Garfield’s assassination drew suspicion from both factions. The nation hated and distrusted Arthur. The New York Times went as far as to describe Arthur as “an overweight party hack”. The only kind voice Arthur hears in the midst of this public vitriol is from Julia Sand, a young woman who began a correspondence with Arthur and helped him find the courage he needed to heal and save a nation, to become a better and nobler man.    

Keeping you Safe, Covid update

After nearly 10 months of dealing with the Covid Pandemic, seeing new infection rates rise by over 1,000 cases a day, with 270,000 Americans dead, we’ve realized that the best way to keep you safe is if we just stay dark. We’ll continue to maintain an online presence by producing selected projects that will be live streamed and then offered as Video On Demand.

We are enthusiastically optimistic with the progress of a Covid vaccine and if the process proceeds as planned, wide spread distribution will occur in April and May. We are hopeful that by July we can resume our rigorous production schedule, bringing you plays that are profound, provocative, and professional. Stay Tuned.