Swimming Upstream Against The Current

In consideration of the health of the patrons who support our work, and the artists who make Red Herring Theater Company the scrappiest theatre in Columbus,we have decided to postpone our upcoming productions and will suspend our operations until further notice.
That said, based on CDC estimates, we hope to resume rehearsals mid May and then open our next production: "Unfinished Women Cry In A No Man’s Land While A Bird Dies In A Gilded Cage" on June 3rd. We’ll be sending out company updates as situation develops. Thank you so much for your support. We can’t do what we do without you!

From: Zachary J. Stackhouse, Esq.—Board President

            I know that during periods of uncertainty and anxiety, I turn to the arts and to my community for a sense of grounding and strength to continue against the currents of a disordered world.  While we cannot gather in person right now, at Red Herring, we embrace this calling in all we do, and choose to swim upstream.

            The COVD-19 pandemic has forced all of us to make significant adjustments to our calendars, habits, and our lives.  At Red Herring, we are continuing to work with the Ohio Department of Health and following all recommendations from the CDC to ensure patron and artist safety first and foremost.  At this time, our production schedule moving forward has been suspended for the time being.  That said, I want all our audience members, collaborators, and stake holders to know that Red Herring will be ready to open its doors when this pandemic is over.

            Currently, our plan is to announce our remaining season in approximately two weeks, and to open our next show, Unfinished Women Cry in No Man’s Land While a Bird Dies in a Gilded Cage, the first weekend of June.  While we will not be producing shows in that interim, the team at Red Herring will have their fins full, developing the second half of our 2020 season, reaching out to new collaborators, and completing grant applications. We are prepared to arrive at the other end of this long swim ready to spawn new works and new ideas in the Columbus theater community. 

We continue to be amazed by the support that so many of you have given.  Whether through generous financial support, the donation of time and labor, or through your patronage at our productions, each of you have furthered our mission of producing great works of theater her in Central Ohio.  We know that with the community we’ve built around us, even at a distance, Red Herring will be ready to make an even bigger splash come June. 

We hope to catch you there.