Thank-you to our Power2Give contributors

As we approach Opening Night for Romance/Romance, we’d like to pause for a moment and thank all the fine folks who made this production possible by contributing to our Power2Give campaign. We couldn’t have done it without you. A hearty round of applause for:

Topher Dick
Larry Mead
Ron Weber
William Airey
Dan Welsh
Michelle Whited
Janie & Dennis Blank
Kimberly Lowe
Janet Mendel
Kelly Pullins
Kim Denney, Hair Force Salon Inc.
Kate Lingnofski
John L. Martin
Chris Shaw Swanson
Pam Welsh-Huggins
Adam Burk
Brett Friedman
Ralph Rosenfield
Christine Bailey
Elena Perantoni

And our sincere thanks to GCAC for making these gifts go farther through their matching funds.