About Red Herring

About Red Herring


Red Herring Productions is dedicated to creating artistic works that are profound, provocative, and professional while providing artists with the resources to surpass their own boundaries and enrich the broader community.


From 1993 – 2008, Red Herring Theatre Company and Red Herring Theatre Ensemble built a reputation for bringing profound, provocative, and professional theatrical experiences to Columbus audiences. Red Herring Productions is a wholly new company and a new generation of Red Herring Theatre dedicated to the same ideals, re-launched and re-envisioned after nearly a decade of discussions between former Red Herring Theatre Company Artistic and Managing Directors Michael Herring and John Dranschak.

Red Herring Productions produces theatrical pieces that we feel passionately about, find creatively stimulating, and believe that Columbus audiences deserve and wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see.  Since our re-launch in 2013, Red Herring has been bringing such work to the people of Central Ohio.


Principal Biographies


Michael Herring

Executive Producer

After moving to Chicago in 2003, Herring earned a Masters in Media Management Administration at Columbia College Chicago. While earning his degree he worked in the development department at The Art Institute of Chicago and in the Goodman Theatre box office. “I saw both best and worst practices” said Herring. “Most importantly I learned that large arts organizations have the same challenges as small arts organizations. Scale is the only difference”.  His Chicago experiences coupled with his practical experience has given Herring a completely different skill set that he hopes to leverage in support of Red Herring Productions.


Jordan Davis

Associate Director
The Franklinton Playhouse
Program Manager
The Art of Yoga at The Franklinton Playhouse

Jordan Davis is a movement artist, actor, director, yoga instructor, and community activist. After receiving degrees in Theatre & Dance and English Literature from Wittenberg University in 2009, Davis explored the west coast working as a performer, director, choreographer and instructor in Los Angeles. She completed a two-year acting program at The Sanford Meisner Center in LA with Martin Barter and in New York at The Neighborhood Playhouse with Ron Stetson. Upon moving to Columbus, Red Herring has become her primary creative outlet.

“Creating an experience that is evocative for people is what I love most, whether it be an experience for an audience to witness through theater or dance, or an experience of movement on your mat in the yoga studio, or an experience of connection and companionship through community outreach. I see the Franklinton Playhouse, Red Herring Productions and The Art of Yoga as the perfect canvases for me build these experiences and I hope you will come take part in them.”

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