2021 Season

July8th – 25th 

Vincent, by Leonard Nimoy, paints a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh; his passion, his pain, his tormented struggle to achieve perfection in an imperfect world. Distilled from more than 500 letters, Theo tells Van Gogh’s story that justifies his anguish, and honors the memory of the tortured artist, who taught us to see light, and color through the lens of the heart and not the eyes.

Aug. 26th -Sept 12th

Redemption through confession, healing through heartache, three retired nuclear physicists reunite to confront age, mortality, betrayal and sacrifice in this gripping and haunting drama. Separated for the past 38 years, Rose pops in on her former colleagues, Hazel and her husband Robin for a surprise visit. The three met as colleagues when they worked together at the nearby nuclear power station decades ago. But tragedy has struck when a recent earthquake and tsunami battered the plant and caused a nuclear meltdown, spewing radiation for miles and making most of the landscape uninhabitable. The three former colleagues wrestle with the ghosts of their past and struggle make peace with their demons. 

Sept. 30th – Oct. 17th

These Shining Lives, by Melanie Marnich, is the inspiring story of the Radium Girls, four women who contracted radium poison while painting watch faces with the “lip, dip, paint” method. Despite assurances from management that the practice was safe, women began to show symptoms of radium poisoning. When they became too sick to work the company fired them. Instead of accepting their dismissal, as was expected of women in 1928, they mustered the courage, hired an attorney, and fought back. Establishing a landmark case protecting worker rights and safety.   

Nov. 4th – 21st

No cow is sacred in this wickedly funny, satirical comedy about Thanksgiving, one of America’s most cherished holidays. Good intentions collide when four

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