Directed by John Dranschak
Musical Direction by Pam Welsh-Huggins
Sound Designed by Dave Wallingford
Lighting Designed by Jarod Wilson
Costumes Designed by Debbie Hamrick

Starring: Ian Short, Nick Lingnofski, Scott Wilson, Jay Rittberger, Kim Garrison Hopcraft, Kate Lingnofski, Drew Eberly, Chris Storer, Todd Covert, Scott Willis, Danielle Mann, Dan Burleson, Ashley Frisch, Sean Lalik, Doug Mondell, Nancy Skaggs, Peter Spofforth, and Anne Marie Wilson.

As our nation approaches the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Red Herring Productions presents Sondheim and Weidman’s darkly comic masterpiece on what can happen when the broken promise of the American dream gives rise to desperate, unspeakable acts. In a land where any kid can grow up to be President, what can happen when every kid doesn’t?

“Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.”

Thursday October 31 @ 8pm
Friday November 1 @ 8pm
Saturday November 2 @ 8pm
Sunday November 3 @ 2pm
Thursday November 7 @ 8pm
Friday November 8 @ 8pm
Saturday November 9 @ 8pm

Studio One Theater
Vern Riffe Center
77 S High St
Columbus, OH 43215

$20 in advance
or Pay-What-You-Want at the door.
For advance tickets, call: 614-723-9116

This production is made possible through the generous support of the:

Greater Columbus Arts Council


Available Light [theatre]
And our sincere thanks to our friends at Available Light [theatre] for their support on this production and for pioneering Pay-What-You-Want tickets in Columbus. This production would not have happened without their assistance and friendship. They’re a group of good-hearted and incredibly talented people, so make sure to check out their work.