Thicker Than Water – Bonus Feature – Questions About Fathers

These are the questions Director John Dranschak developed and used to guide the initial discussions from which the themes of the piece began to emerge.
What is the earliest memory you have of your father?
Tell me about your father…where was he born, where and how did he grow up, how did he meet your Mom, what did he do for a living, how old was he when you were born?
What was the biggest fight you ever had?
Lightning round… first five words that come to mind about your Dad. Go.
Name three things you learned from your father.
Can you identify a moment where your relationship changed? What caused it? How did it change?
Describe your relationship to your father in one word or phrase.
When did your father begin to treat you as an adult? Why then? Feel free to speculate.
Describe a moment of joy you shared with your father.
What do you call your father? (Father, Dad, Pops, etc.) What does your partner call him?
What do you and your father bond over? Is there any unique (among your other relationships) interest that you share?
If you had a free day this week to spend with your Dad, how would you spend it?
In what way do you most wish to emulate your father?
In what way do you hope to never become your father?
Any moments where your dad acknowledged (even indirectly) where you were right and he was wrong?